Wood Work

A select group of work I have done over the years.

About Me.

When Dave Termini was 13 years old, he would sweep his father's wood shop after school. While swirling sawdust choked the budding craftsman, all he could think of was playing with his friends outside.
As he grew older, he began to realize his hands could make things his mind conceived. Four years later, he left home to repair furniture. By the time he was 20, Mr. Termini was running his own wood shop making and fixing furniture. He's made a living turning raw wood into elegant funrishings, such as dining tables, curio cabinets and desks.
When Mr.Termini, 56, bought a lathe to make table legs in the early 1980's, it helped shift his focus from making only functional projects to also creating works of art. The lathe changed the way he sees the world.

"When I started turning wood, I got hooked on it. What it did for me is, if I see a piece of rotted wood, I can imagine what might be inside."